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Resources About Back, Neck & Spine Pain

  • When to See a Back Specialist

    Like most Americans, you’ll probably have back pain at some point in your life. Luckily, most back pain goes away within one to two weeks. But if your pain is long-term or chronic—and if you have certain symptoms with your low back pain—you may want to see a spine specialist.

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  • Rethinking Back Pain Treatment

    Low back pain is the leading cause of disability around the world. It is estimated that more than 100-billion dollars is spent in the U.S. alone each year on treatments – more than almost any other health condition. But are those treatments working?

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Back, Spine, & Neck Clinical Trials

Cervical Spondylotic Myelopathy Surgical Trial (CSM-S Trial)

Surgical decompression for CSM can improve its disabling symptoms, but surgical complications are common and many of these complications affect patients’ overall health-related quality of life. The optimal surgical treatment, therefore, remains controversial, with disagreement between three main approaches: ventral decompression and fusion, dorsal decompression and fusion, or dorsal laminoplasty.

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Hear From Our Spine Specialists
  • Specialists img105Feb

    How to Shovel Snow: Tips to Prevent Injury

    It doesn't matter if you're a veteran snow shoveler or more of a beginer—save your back with these tips.

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  • Specialists img213Aug

    Why Does My Lower Back Hurt?

    Roughly 80 percent of people will experience pain in the lower back that is significant enough to limit activity.

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  • Specialists img3 25Jan

    Scoliosis is a Common Problem that Can Turn Serious

    Scoliosis is common and usually isn't progressive, and, fortunately, those with the condition often can live...

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Back & Neck Evaluation, Treatment, & Surgery

Back and neck pain can be just mildly irritating—or it can interfere with your day-to-day activities and prevent you from living a healthy, full life. Spine Services at University of Utah Health treats all types of back, neck, and spine-related pain and disorders. This includes common to the most complex problems.

  • Spine and back pain can be caused by a number of musculoskeletal problems, conditions, incidents, or simply because of aging. Treatment may consist of physical therapy...

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  • Your neck is one of the most unprotected and exposed areas of your body. This is because of where it’s located and because of how far it moves from side to side (its range of motion).

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